With walking the Athletic Park; pretty much everyday it was nice grabbing some photos of the South parking lot project along the way. Getting rid of the gravel and adding the blacktop is a great improvement for the Park and for those that use the park. The overall project did not cut any corners but did recycle resources when they could which was another pleasant site to see.

At the start of the project gravel was removed from the South parking lot and transported to the North parking lot. This provided a close place to keep the gravel and allow for re-use of the gravel for final grade. After the gravel was removed the also excavated a good bit of dirt to get rain runoff and such heading in a good direction. I am not sure where they hauled the dirt to, but I am sure that was useful here in the area also. Once the proper grade was accomplished they brought the original gravel back to the parking lot and compacted it into place. With a good foundation that started blacktopping and did have some small delays because of the weather but overall the parking lot was worth the wait.

I am sure lines will be painted at some point, busted light pole may need replaced and some dirt work still needs to be done, but this project is in the final stages.