Everyday I’m seeing more and more people that are eating at the athletic park. This really makes sense with “eating in” not so normal anymore. Picnic tables were being used up on the main drag through the park and a passer-by stopped and asked me if any other tables were around to eat at. They actually did not know about the two tables located at the end of the southern parking lot.

Since that got me thinking, I thought a map might be handy to show off where the picnic tables are at the park.

As you can see on the map, there are 7 Picnic Tables shown as bright green and most have garbage cans somewhat nearby. So please throw away your trash.

You will also notice a hot pink table and this is a sun shelter with two metal picnic tables under it. These tables seat 5-9 people each. Please be aware that this area is a sun shelter and will not keep you dry if it rains.